Inspire: A New & Effective Sleep Apnea Treatment

It’s Not Always a Melatonin Problem. Serious, Long-Term Problems Can Come from Untreated Sleep Apnea

If you snore either regularly or occasionally, then you are not alone because around 50% of Americans snore at least occasionally.Unfortunately, health issues associated with snoring can arise quickly, and you may not even realize that your snoring is the cause of many of your problems.Without you even realizing it, snoring can lead to a lack of restful sleep leading to daytime sleepiness and other severe conditions like high blood pressure.

In the past, the best therapy for sleep disorders was with a mask, hose, an irritating mouth guard, or a combination, but now you have abetter option. The sleep apnea experts at Hillcrest ENT offer a revolutionary treatment called Inspire.

Do you hate using a CPAP for snoring? Inspire is the only FDA treatment that works inside your body to get to and treat the root cause of sleep apnea.

Find Better Sleep with Inspire at Hillcrest ENT

Not only do we treat all manners of chronic sinus pain and allergies, but we also treat sleep apnea at Hillcrest ENT. We believe that becoming the healthiest version of yourself starts with a goodnight's rest, and we can guide you in finally achieving that. So stop snoring, stop feeling fatigued, and rest easy. Schedule with a sleep specialist at Hillcrest ENT today.

How Does Inspire Work?

Inspire is a revolutionary replacement for a CPAP or other irritating sleep apnea device. It works by monitoring your sleep and sending gentle pulses to keep your tongue from blocking your airway. It is implanted during a short outpatient procedure in which only three small incisions are made. Once the procedure is over, you will work with your doctor to tune the device to your specific need. After that, a good night’s sleep is as easy as pushing the button on your Inspire sleep remote to activate the device.

I Can't Stand My Other Devices. Will This Work for Me?

Other devices used to treat sleep apnea can be frustrating.Machines like CPAP can be loud and cumbersome, while mouth guards can fall out or irritate the mouth. If you are looking to make a change, there are three steps to qualify for Inspire:

  • Have a moderate to severe sleep apnea diagnosis
  • Be examined by a doctor to ensure you are a good fit and have an optimal Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Undergo a short airway exam

What Is the Cost of Inspire?

There is no need to worry about the cost of Inspire as it is covered by most private insurances, Medicare, and VA and Military Hospitals.Inspire also has a team that will help you throughout the insurance process.

  • Private Insurance: Most companies in the UnitedStates will subsidize Inspire.
  • Medicare: All in the United States who benefit from this policy will have Inspire covered.
  • Veterans and Military: Inspire is available at select VA and military hospitals throughout the United States. To see if you can qualify for this program with Hillcrest ENT, you can look into a program called the Community Care Program, allowing you to receive care at a civilian facility.