Allergy Testing: Why Do I Need It?

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Many types of allergens affect people differently, which makes it important to seek help from professionals. Learn the symptoms, test your knowledge, and discover the steps you can take to prevent symptoms from slowing down your life with our allergy quiz.

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Allergies make life even more complicated to navigate. They can make you feel congested, fatigued, and like you just can’t find a long term solution but in reality, a long term solution is possible. You just need the right guide. Hillcrest ENT can be your guide to long term relief.

We can provide you with allergy testing to make sure that we know exactly what allergens are affecting you. This will help us to determine the best treatment plan possible.

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What is Allergy Testing?

The allergy testing procedure is the action of discovering what allergens cause your body to have an allergic reaction. It is also to determine the severity of the reaction. Some common allergens that are tested include pet dander, food, pollen, and mold. Tests are given by a specialist in the form of a skin prick or allergy blood test.

During a skin prick test, you are pricked with a small amount of an allergen to see how your body will react. Your reaction will determine whether or not you are allergic and up to 40 allergens can be tested during a skin prick test. Although allergy tests are a good starting point, they may not reveal everything.

This is why a comprehensive allergy discovery process is recommended and should include the following:

  • Getting a list of symptoms
  • CT scan and full exam
  • Allergy testing
  • Determining the best treatment plan with your doctor
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Why Do I Need to Have Allergy Testing at My ENT's Office?

Allergy testing locations are popping up all over the country and many people are visiting testing locations rather than their ENT’s office for a full exam. As mentioned above the best way to determine a patient's allergies is to have a full exam, which can’t be done at a testing site.

Without the full exam, your doctor won’t know the true causes of your sinus condition. It could be caused by an internal structure or other sinus problems and not even be caused by allergies. Hillcrest ENT can provide an in depth test to help you discover the root of the problem and the best treatment plan possible.

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