Relieve sinus pain with Balloon Sinuplasty

Living with chronic congestion, facial pain, and other sinus symptoms is miserable

You’ve tried medication…

Home remedies…

And everything in between…

But you still suffer with constant congestion and facial pressure.

you don't have to be miserable with sinus symptoms

Sinus pain makes life complicated

Suffering from chronic sinus pain is miserable and it makes life difficult. Fatigue from the pain can come from difficulty sleeping and lead to other health issues.

Patients come to Hillcrest ENT hopeless that any treatment will provide lasting relief because nothing they have tried has worked.

We understand how painful this is and, at Hillcrest ENT, patients just like you have found long-term relief from their pain.


Millions of people have gotten relief from their sinus pain with Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon Sinuplasty is an FDA approved procedure that we perform right in the comfort of our office. It has proven to be a permanent solution for chronic sinusitis.

If you’re a good candidate, you may suffer from:

  • Facial pressure/pain
  • Chronic congestion
  • Recurring sinus infections
find out if balloon sinuplasty is the right solution for you
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Is Balloon Sinuplasty actually successful?

Since it was FDA approved in 2005, Balloon Sinuplasty has helped over a million people get effective relief from their sinus pain.

In fact, it’s so effective that over 90% of people are still satisfied with their results 5 years after the procedure. It’s also covered by most insurances.

Locate - Balloon Sinuplasty procedure


surgery for sinusitis

Dilate & Restore

Relieve - Balloon Sinuplasty procedure


Balloon Sinuplasty Procedure

Balloon Sinuplasty gets to the root of your sinus issues. A small balloon is inserted through the nose and into the cavity that is affected. The balloon is then inflated to open the passage gently. The infection is then cleaned out and drained so that normal breathing and sinus function can continue.

The procedure makes it so that the sinuses can drain naturally and decrease future infections. Once your sinus cavity is opened up you can begin to experience a reduction in all of your symptoms. You may even see improvement in your overall health.

Locate - Balloon Sinuplasty procedure


Dilate & Restore - Balloon Sinuplasty procedure

Dilate & Restore

Relieve - Balloon Sinuplasty procedure


Recovering from Balloon Sinuplasty is unlike traditional surgery

In the past, recovering from traditional sinus surgery took weeks, but most people can get back to normal activities a day or two after Balloon Sinuplasty.

I’m ready for relief

If you’ve been suffering with chronic sinus pain, you’re likely tired of trying treatments that just don’t work. Patients like you find long awaited relief at Hillcrest ENT, every day.

Life after Balloon Sinuplasty

Getting the right treatment can result in less fatigue and pain. After Balloon Sinuplasty, you will likely experience:

  • An elimination or reduction of infections
  • Less need for medication
  • Less ENT visits
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